Outsource IT Management and Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

iTernal Networks provides Nevada businesses with safe and secure IT environments through customized managed services, cybersecurity, and ongoing support.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Improve Efficiency

Focus on Growth

You got into your business to serve clients and do what you love, not worry about technology.


Are you losing productivity and drowning in inefficiencies because of your technology?


Is your current IT company unresponsive or not attuned to your business needs?


Has your reputation suffered because of bad technology or a data breach?


Is noncompliance with regulations holding your business back?


Do you know you’re safe and secure in the event of a cyber attack?

It’s time to stop stressing over managing IT, monitoring data, and securing your systems and start trusting in a long-term technology partner who is fully invested in the success of your business.

What could you accomplish if your technology just worked and actually helped drive your business forward?

Capture more opportunities

when you implement new technologies that increase efficiencies and free up resources

Grow your customer and talent base

with reduced outages and downtime and improved productivity and security

Become leaders in your industry

while staying compliant with changing regulations and requirements and aligning with cybersecurity frameworks

You deserve to do what you love in a safe and secure environment without having to worry about IT.

Over the past 13 years, iTernal Networks has helped countless Nevada businesses create safe and secure IT environments by managing cyber risk and optimizing workplace efficiency. Our clients see us as a true extension of their team because we listen and respond to their needs and care about the success of their business as much as they do.

“We have been using iTernal Networks as the IT experts for our dental office since we opened. Their responsiveness has been great. They have been able to seamlessly adapt to our needs as we have grown and as we have switched dental software and hardware. When issues arise, we know that we can rely on them to get things fixed so we can get back to doing what we do best.”

Kevin – Dentist

“When launching Futuro Academy, we didn’t have the in-house expertise to create the technology infrastructure critical to educating students in the 21st century. After connecting with iTernal, we were able to establish a comprehensive infrastructure and maintenance plan for site surveillance, access control, and Internet and device management. iTernal has helped us scale from 100 to up to 600 based on our timelines and needs.”

Ignacio – Educator

“Before iTernal Networks, we had individual PCs that were totally separate with no linkage, which was difficult to work on. Additionally, we had no system for backing up our work, so when a computer crashed, we lost data. iTernal helped us select equipment that met our budget and our system needs. The support they provide day to day helps us have minimal downtime.”

Rob – Healthcare

Let us be your all-in-one IT solution and long-term trusted partner.

Outsourced IT Management

24/7, 365 technical services and support


risk assessment, training, network security management

IT Infrastructure

design, build, migrate, and manage a modern IT environment
We can also serve as your IT support staff to answer questions and troubleshoot over the phone or on site. Our highly trained IT professionals have a broad range of experience in offering all kinds of technology solutions.

Three Steps to Worry-Free IT

1. Assess your risk

We’ll get to know you and your business and conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment so you can understand your vulnerabilities and solutions for reducing your risk.

2. Manage your IT

Following a 90-day custom onboarding process, we’ll get to work managing everything from your cybersecurity, email, and help desk to systems maintenance, monitoring, and management.

3. Focus on success

Now that you have a long-term technology partner that listens to and responds to your needs, you can improve efficiency and get back to focusing on the success of your clients, employees, and business.

We understand how vulnerable it feels to lead a business that runs on technology when you’re constantly worried about outages and attacks.

Try serving clients while you’re worried about your technology working. Let alone having to monitor and secure your systems in the likely event of a cyber attack. It’s no wonder you’re stressed out.

You got into this to do what you love, not manage IT.

When you have the support of a long-term technology partner who listens to and responds to your needs, you can get back to focusing on your clients and employees, improve efficiency, and grow your business to become the leader in your industry.

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