11 Must-Know Facts About Cloud Computing In 2021

The cloud computing industry has really taken the world by storm. Cloud computing offers a great storage solution for businesses. Cloud applications bring a lot of new opportunities for businesses to grow on a solid infrastructure. 

Let’s look at ten things you need to know about the cloud before you start making any more decisions about technology for your business. 

11 Must-Know Facts About Cloud Computing In 2021

Here are 11 facts about cloud computing in 2021.

1 – The Cloud is Not New

Using any internet-based service to stream, edit, or send messages is all considered cloud computing. So if you are streaming movies, you are already using the cloud. 

The technology behind the cloud has existed since the end of the ‘60s, but we are just seeing all of the great potentials that this technology can offer businesses. 

2 – You Can Access the Cloud From Anywhere

Okay so probably not in the middle of the jungle, but if you can connect to the internet then you can access anything you have stored on the cloud. This gives you the ability to work outside of the office or while traveling. You have all the data of the office right on your computer or mobile device. 

Cloud services give you a safe place to share files and grant access to more users. You can organize files into categories and organize who has access to them as well.  

3 – Most businesses use the Cloud for Storage and Backup 

There are a lot of things that you can do with cloud-based applications, but most companies are using the Cloud to store their piles of data. These cloud solutions are a type of insurance policy. If anything happens to their computer hardware, they have all of their data available on the cloud. The backup and recovery benefits of the cloud are huge for companies. 

4 – Cloud Computing Accommodates Growing Businesses

The cloud does not have any limits that are hard to change. The cloud space can be any size that your company needs. As your company grows, a cloud-based infrastructure will be able to handle all the growth without the commotion you get from old school servers and computers. The cloud is very customizable for any organization. 

5 – You Can Have the Cloud in Private or Shared Space

You can store your data on servers used solely by your company or it may be cost-effective to use a community space where you are sharing with others.

6 – Security Worries of Cloud Computing Are Dissolving 

New anti-malware and firewall tools have taken away worries about the safety of data moving through the cloud. Data is also secured by encryption eliminating concerns for companies.

Modern cloud hosting is considered by many people to be more secure than traditional storage solutions. Cloud computing technologies have proven themselves to be very secure.

7 – You Never Have to Update Again

Cloud storage solutions take away the need to update old IT infrastructures for more storage or software upgrades. Cloud computing firms take charge of this for you so you can focus on your business. It all happens automatically without any fuss from you. 

8 – Banking is the Largest User of The Cloud

The widespread mobile banking services have expanded exponentially in the last few years and paying virtually is big. Cloud computing for banking is a rising trend that we will only see get bigger. 

9 – Almost 50% of the U.S. Government Organizations Use The Cloud  

Among different branches of the government, both shared and private clouds are used. Private clouds are used by the government to work to maintain security and control over the cloud. 

If it is safe enough for them, then it is probably safe enough for you! 

10 – About 60% of People Today are Wanting To Hire Professionals With Cloud Expertise  

Sounds like something you are going to want to get into whether you are the boss or not. When technology changes, it is important to stay up to date on how everything works. Good thing people moved onto the light bulb and didn’t hold too tight to the candle. Change and progress open up new opportunities for growth and progress. 

You don’t know what you are missing until you dive in and see for yourself. Cloud-based solutions will continue to offer more applications for industries and the interconnected network

This last fact holds a pretty big number there. Moving to the cloud has definitely become a priority for companies. The cloud-based business resources are worth having a yearly cloud budget

11 –  Within Six Months of Moving to The Cloud, 80% of Companies see Improvements Within Their IT Department. 

80% of companies also believe it reduces IT costs. Cloud computing systems not only offer safe storage and flexible access, but they also offer collaboration solutions for staff with cloud access. 

Employees can work on shared projects and make changes in real-time. This gives you the ability to get changes and new work to the team faster, so there is less downtime. There are fewer chances for trouble with communication when data changes can be seen in real-time for all users. 

Cloud tools save time. They change the process of a company. Cloud computing spending is more than just storage, it is a whole new office of information that is at your team’s fingertips. Almost nothing can stop the show from going on.  

The built-in cloud security that comes with the adoption of cloud computing means there is a lower security risk to deal with. 

The rising trend of cloud computing services gives businesses new cloud strategies to work into their business structure. The cloud experience gives them new options for working together safely and efficiently. With all of the benefits your company receives, you end up with savings from the cloud.  

Cloud computing technologies are changing the way companies do business. The rising popularity tells you that in order to do business with more people, you might want to get on board with this cloud computing market.

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