Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses – The Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

The Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Is your small business considering hiring a managed services provider to either help or completely replace your current in-house IT department? When it comes to the benefits of outsourcing IT through a third-party service provider, you might not fully aware of every advantage or even realize how cost-effective these services can be.

We’re here to tell you about what a managed services provider does and why it is necessary to hire one. Keep reading to learn how the services of a managed IT provider is important to the daily functions and operations of your small business!

What Are Managed IT Services?

When someone says managed IT services, they’re talking about an outsourced, comprehensive approach to technology that can include many facets. At iTernal Networks, our service plans can range from basic monitoring to fully managed services, overall support, as well as emergency preparedness and remote support.

Backup and Recovery

One of the key benefits of using an MSP is that you can trust that your data is continually and securely backed up. This is important to help ensure that your company can still operate in the face of an emergency while also keeping sensitive data safe and secure.

Your backup routine can be performed on a monthly basis, depending on the services included in the package you purchase.

Mobile Device & Print Management

Mobile device management allows you to keep track of your employee’s online behavior and is necessary to minimize what can potentially be a risk to your company’s security.

Print management is a way for your company to regain control of the amount of ink, toner, and paper used, and monitoring the types of documents are being printed and from which computer.
Both of these services provide management to oft-overlooked areas of your business, making sure that your data is and stays secure as well as helping minimize the money spent on printing costs.

Securing Your Network

One of the biggest benefits of managed services is discovering the best ways to keep your company’s internal and external networks safe from prying eyes and other data breaches.

We can provide basic monitoring to fully managed services when it comes to your network and IT infrastructure.

Help Desk Services

If your company offers a service like help desk but has been overwhelmed by the number of inquiries, a managed service provider can help ease this pain point.

Our business model allows us to focus our staff on responding to, resolving, and remediating problems within your systems, allowing you to focus on problems that you’re better equipped to handle (like employee productivity and customer concerns!

A Full-Time, Dedicated IT Team

When you choose to switch your IT to a managed service provider, your business benefits from the fact that you have a full-time IT staff. This fact alone is essential to the daily operations of your organization.

You’ll no longer have to worry about the daily IT problems that plague other businesses. Instead, you can provide management to your staff rather than focusing on the benefits and challenges of managing your network infrastructure.

What Are the Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Small Businesses?

As you can see, choosing to invest in outsourced IT services can offer a range of benefits. While you might be thinking to yourself that there’s no way you can afford it, the truth of the matter is that these services are quite cost-effective.

Generally, you will be billed a flat-rate fee on a monthly basis, depending on the services included in your chosen package. Often, these packages include things like remote monitoring, communication and troubleshooting, and any necessary reports regarding your network security.

You’ll find that by using a managed service provider, your company can improve productivity, scalability, and overall profits. Yes, an MSP may require a small investment, but the returns are sure to blow you away!

How to Find a Service Provider

Choosing a service provider does not mean finding a cheap IT company and hoping for the best outcome. You’ll want to find a dedicated staff who offers an unmatched level of experience to help your business grow.

This isn’t to say that you should hire the most expensive team or one that charges too much for their services. You should ideally look for a company that offers both hourly and flat-rate options to partner with to ensure each of your IT needs are met and that you reap all of the benefits from your managed service provider investment.

Take some time to read online reviews of any service company you’d like to hire. Look at both their negative and positive reviews, paying close attention to how they choose to respond to any poor sentiments. Also, consider asking other local businesses about their MSP.

Once you have a list of service providers, call them! A brief phone conversation should be all you need to quickly determine if they have the skills, expertise, and understanding of your specific business needs.

Get in Touch With Us Today!

All of the above steps are exactly what you should do to ensure you find a managed service provider to fit your needs. However, you will find that after spending the time on this matter that iTernal Networks is the company you should have called from the beginning!

We are a well-rounded managed service provider with years of experience in dealing with small business network infrastructure. We take pride in our cloud-based services, polite technicians, and our ability to solve any computer problem that you may face.

When you’re ready to make the jump into managed services (and the peace of mind that comes with it), give us a call, send us an email or schedule a consultation with our professional, knowledgeable staff!

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