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Don’t Get Tricked: Phishing Attacks Pretending to be Voicemail Attachments

Human beings are naturally inquisitive creatures, which makes it all the easier for us to be convinced of different things. Cereal mascots promise wild flavors that will send kids on a Mom-approved adventure, magazine covers promise countless sure-fire ways to be rid of that stubborn belly fat, and—more sinisterly—phishing attacks promise to be something that […]


Managing Your IT Inventory

Could you tell me when the last time your routers were updated? How about when your servers were last maintained? How old is the hardware in your office? Where would someone go to get a new keyboard? If you don’t know the answers to these questions it is possible that your IT is not properly […]


Cybersecurity Training Must Be a Priority

The nature of many of today’s businesses is building one product over and over and over. When you have that level of repetitiveness, it helps people find their niche, yes, but it can also result in the attention given to the task to suffer. While a disengaged employee is nothing new, they can cause some […]


Technology Can Help You Ward Off Recession

With months and months of bad news, many businesses are trying to find the right recipe to keep from having to make the hard decisions. Problem is that these hard decisions are looking as if they are going to be inevitable. With costs rising and revenues shrinking, there needs to be a strategic urgency that […]


You Need to Plan for the Worst and Hope for the Best

Hope can be a big part of a person’s notion to start their own business. Needless to say that entrepreneurial hope doesn’t always consider that there will be a global pandemic that grinds the operational effectiveness that you’ve spent years building to a halt. Hope does, however, play a big part in the creation of […]