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These Are the Last Days of Windows 7

Microsoft is just days away from retiring not just one, but two of its most popular operating systems. The software giant has made a point to run a major campaign warning people who are still using Windows 7 that they are going to lose support after the January 14, 2020 deadline; but, as of this […]


Making the Most of MSP Memes

Memes have become a frequent way that people – and businesses – communicate nowadays. Today, we’ll go into why Internet memes resonate so strongly with so many of us, and we’ll share some that we find particularly funny. What is a Meme, Exactly? Believe it or not, the meme originated as an academic term in […]


Reduce Your IT Overhead with Server Virtualization

Of all the hardware you utilize in your business, your servers are likely to generate the highest costs – especially when you consider how much they cost to procure, power, and maintain. A considerable part of running a successful business is to know how to use these kinds of resources optimally, getting the most bang […]


An iPhone Christmas Story

In recognition of the holiday this year, we’ve decided to adapt a famous tale to a more contemporary setting, and create a parody of the holiday classic, A Christmas Story. We hope you enjoy this retelling, as much as we enjoyed writing it! It was a good year – maybe even a great one. Like […]


Security Has to Be a Priority in 2020

Cybercriminals aren’t exactly holding back when it comes to attacking businesses, which means that businesses can’t rest on their haunches as the new year rolls in. Let’s take a few moments to look toward the near future, and the issues that cybersecurity professionals are warning us about. Misconfigured Cloud Environments There is no question that […]


A Few Smartphones to Consider Going into 2020

If there is any computing device that has fully entered the mainstream, it’s the smartphone. This means that there is public demand for the best – and manufacturers pay attention, regularly rolling out better and better phones (at least, that’s the plan) all the time. As the new year rolls around, many are using the […]


What Are Managed Services, Anyways?

We are classified as a managed service provider, which is only helpful if someone knows what managed services are. That’s why we’re taking a few minutes to review what it is that managed services are, and what a managed service provider does. What Are Managed IT Services? As technology has improved over time, our capabilities […]


Office Gadgets Your Co-Workers Will Love

Everyone likes cool technology gifts. Your family loves them and as the holiday’s approach, many offices hold Christmas parties and have gift swaps where co-workers are always looking to give and receive useful doodads. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite tech gadgets for 2019. AirBar Do you know someone that uses a […]