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Break/Fix Breaks Budgets

If you were asked to describe your average tech support experience, chances are that you remember a time when you had to either wait around for the technician to come around, dealing with downtime the entire time; or, worse yet, unplug your technology and schlep it across town to the break/fix store only to be […]


New Features are Appearing in G Suite Applications!

The G Suite is clearly a project that Google is far from finished with, as they have consistently made improvements to the suite and its included software. Recently, a few were added that could very much benefit a business’ users. Let’s go over a selection of these updates, and the benefits you could see as […]


Network Attached Storage Explained

A business’ data is one of its biggest assets. For the smaller business, large portions of an IT budget can be spent storing data. One way to keep costs down and maintain control over all this data is by utilizing Network Attached Storage (NAS).  What Exactly is Network Attached Storage? It is a device that […]


Windows 7 Still Causing Issues

Millions of people are still using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system despite it being completely unsupported. When Microsoft pulled the plug on support for the OS in January, most industry professionals expected there to be some exploits found pretty rapidly. It turns out that the very first exploit was actually Microsoft’s fault, and that […]


Cloud-Based Communications and Your Business

Cloud computing has been extremely useful for millions of businesses. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) titles providing sustainable computing options, and many businesses using the cloud for their organization’s data backup, cloud computing has become commonplace as a cost effective alternative to buying all types of IT. Another way that businesses are leveraging their […]


Why You Should Strongly Consider Video Conferencing

Not many people realize this, but the concept of video conferencing has been around for about as long as the telephone has been—shortly after he was awarded the patent for the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell was apparently working on a version that would also transmit pictures. Many years later, conferencing technology has finally reached the […]