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Cloud PBX and VoIP Systems

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Efficient communications, utilizing Cloud PBX and VoIP Systems, are crucial for increasing business responsiveness and agility, enhancing business processes, and improving employee productivity. 

To remain market competitive, your employees must be mobile and able to effectively and efficiently collaborate and communicate across various devices — from messaging, conferencing, email, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. 

iTernal Networks communication solutions leverage the best-in-class cloud PBX and VoIP technologies from global leaders. 

We are committed to maximizing the value of your investment.

We thoroughly analyze your business requirements, strategic goals, and business objectives. As a result, you receive custom solutions tailor-made to the needs of your business. 

Our solutions are built to be scalable. 

They grow with your business. You can easily scale our Cloud PBX services and VoIP systems with a single call. 

VoIP Solutions 

We create custom solutions tailor-made to the needs of our clients, delivering bespoke solutions for your VoIP phones —ranging from purpose-built hardware devices to simple software-based softphones. 

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX systems are located in bi-coastal data centers by our VoIP Hosting Service Providers.

The iTernal Networks Advantage 

Our Cloud PBX Systems Require Minimal Support 

Choosing a cloud-based PBX solution is a great way to free up IT resources to work on projects that are more strategic to the business. It is also a good choice for small businesses with few technical resources. The best solutions provide expert installation assistance, project management, and end-user support. 

We Eliminate Multiple Vendor Confusion

Our cloud-based PBX resolves the problem of multiple points of contact —telecommunication carrier, PBX vendor, and local service provider. With our solutions, iTernal Networks becomes your sole point of contact for everything! 

Global Mobility — Access from Anywhere 

Our solutions free your phone system from geographic constraints. Ensure your business always experiences continuity, as all communications can easily be re-routed across our robust content delivery network (CDN). CDN increases your worker’s mobility, allowing access to the system from anywhere on the globe. Furthermore, our increased integration enables end-users to perform multiple tasks using the same service. 

Flexible and Scalable 

Our solutions have scalability ingrained into them. They grow alongside your business, allowing you to add features and increase headcount with a single call.

Cloud PBX and VoIP Systems

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