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Is it time for you to move your business to the cloud? The answer is yes. It is more than a trend, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The cloud consists of web-based services hosted outside your company that allow small and medium-sized businesses flexibility in file sharing, increased security to store and backup files, accessibility to data from “virtually” any location, and much more.

iTernal Networks helps you identify what cloud solutions fit your company’s current and future needs. Our team will help you choose which elements of your company’s system are better served through the cloud. Then, we will design a system just for your business and install the necessary products and equipment to implement your solution.

Cloud-based services are incredibly flexible, which is why it is so fitting for small and medium businesses. Cloud-based services allow you to scale up or down your cloud capacity based on your business needs.

Computers and systems crash, employee mistakes happen, and devices often get lost. These common issues have been and will continue to be an issue for all businesses. Replacing lost, stolen, or broken devices can be costly to small and medium companies. However, recovering files and other sensitive company information stored on lost devices can be even more expensive. The cloud eliminates this issue entirely. With cloud solutions, all data can be stored in the cloud, making it accessible no matter what machine you are on.

Cloud computing also allows your employees to work from anywhere at any time. Easy remote use promotes collaboration as employees can edit and share documents from anywhere. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, and it is essential that companies have a cloud system in place to allow employees to work outside the office to accommodate these new remote/hybrid work models.

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