Cloud Solutions

Upgrade to the cloud

Is it time for you to move your business to the cloud? The cloud is more than a trend. The cloud consists of web-based services hosted outside your company that allow small and medium-sized businesses flexibility in file sharing, increased security to store and backup files, accessibility to data from “virtually” any location and much more. iTernal Networks helps you identify what Cloud solutions fit your needs for now and the future.

iTernal Networks can make cloud solutions as easy to understand as a clear day. With our recommendations, you can choose which elements of your system would be better served through the cloud. Then, we can design a system and install the necessary products and equipment to put your solution into place.

No Setup Fees! Limited Time!

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Our Cloud Services

Cloud Servers

Flexibly Scale Your IT Infrastrcuture. Leverage the Power of iTernal Networks Cloud Servers!

Robust | Scalable | Flexible

Cloud is a disruptive technology. It offers on-demand computing power from anywhere on the globe. By moving to the cloud, your business data is securely distributed across a network of data centers. This separates business continuity from geographic confines, increases mobility, mitigates downtimes, and removes all risks of data loss.

iTernal Networks Cloud Servers offers powerful computing platforms with a flexible and low cost pricing model. You can easily scale (expand and reduce) your server usage to immediately meet business needs, and pay only for the service you are currently signed up for.

Our Cloud Servers guarantee:

  • Client centric service — Sign up and cancel at will and increase/decrease cloud storage and computing power with a single call!
  • Usage Based Billing — No fixed packages. Get charged only for the service you have used each month.
  • Zero Downtime — We employ a robust and distributed content delivery network (CDN) that recoverysecurely caches your data across multiple data centers. It will take a total apocalypse to bring business discontinuity to your data!
  • Globalized Mobility — Access your data from anywhere on the globe. Our distributed network of data centers ensure that your data is always secure and accessible by your authorized personnel from anywhere on the planet with just a browser!
  • Scalability — Our service grows with your business. No matter how extensively or explosively you decide to scale your IT infrastructure, we can match the speed — almost instantly!

Cloud Hosting

| Super Scalable | Fully Managed | Flexible |

Our cloud hosting service is super scalable, fully managed, and offer you the flexibility of building your apps and website using the platform of your choosing.

  • Super Scalability — Manage your seasonal traffic variations and usability demands by easily scaling with our cloud servers without slowing down your business process, and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime!
  • Fully Managed — We let you focus only on your core and business critical operations while we do the leg work. We handle every infrastructure details, ranging from server administration, version control, OS patching, maintenance and upgrades, and continuous threat monitoring and removal.
  • Flexible — Choose your platform. Whether is .Net, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or some other propriety platform, we have your back. Deploy whatever is in the best interest of your business and let us guarantee total uptime.

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Cloud Workstations

Empower Your Employees and IT with more efficient and more economical workstations.

Enable user mobility, protect business critical data and content, support valuable clients, and reduce time and cost of managing desktops with a cloud workstation.

iTernal Networks offers a robust end-to-end cloud workstation (Desktop as a Service) to facilitate clients with cloud and software options to transform their data centers. Our cloud workstations increase control, enhance data security, scale connectivity, and employs a flexible pay-per-user pricing model.

Leverage metered cost, instant scalability and unlimited storage and computing resources!

Compared to our cloud workstations services, traditional workstations are expensive and power-hungrycloud workstation monsters. Our workstations offer great computing power, render powerful imagery and graphics, and can accelerate anything in sight while allowing you to easily shift between platforms.

iTernal Networks Guarantees

  • Improved performance
  • Bank grade security for secure collaboration across all platforms.
  • Centralized and complete control over user permissions and management of applications.
  • Zero down-time
  • Eliminates IT headaches

We offer packaged and custom desktop virtualization services:

Our VDI Solutions

Plan, deploy, and run on any budget. Then scale!

We make desktop virtualization easier than ever. We offer a robust set of end-to-end cloud desktop services and solutions that are simple to implement, secure to use, flexible to scaling, manageable, and creates a reliable environment for completing all your business critical tasks.

Custom Solutions

We are committed to facilitating IT success. We will perform a thorough assessment of your business requirements and needs before leveraging our technology partners to implement environments tailor-made to optimally serve your business needs.

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Hosted Email

You manage your business, and we’ll manage your email

Cloud email hosting separates your business from problems related to monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software. Cloud secures business applications and data across a global network of data centers that continuously cache data, increasing data availability, business mobility, flexibility, and mitigating data risks, and reducing IT costs.

Businesses are shifting to hosted email solutions for various reasons: older servers, end of service hardware, aging IT infrastructure, limited IT budget, rising IT costs, risk averseness, and more.

What’s your reason?

Because iTernal Networks can help.

We offer robust cloud based email hosting solutions that deliver results at affordable rates. Our solutions are backed a team of email experts committed to ensuring that your emails receive premium data security and spam protection, enjoys 99.9999% uptime, and can access our dedicated support 24/7 anytime of the year!

Save overhead and capital, leverage the ability to scale as you grow, and pay only for the service you need now — at the moment.

Our Email Hosting Services

We are committed to letting our clients solely focus on their business, while our team maintains, manages, and secures your business communications. Easily collaborate and maintain business data, share contact and appointments, and maintain a seamless flow of business critical information without responsibility for maintenance, repair, or upgrades for hardware and software.

Our solution promises a dedicated webmail with outlook compatibility, includes virus and spam protection, supports SMTP, IMAP/POP3, and mobile email access among other services.

Our services are perfect choice for meeting the demands of small to medium business and enterprises. All our solutions are tailor-made to fit the needs of our clients. Our mailboxes allow teams to easily hosted emailshared tasks, emails, calendar tasks, address books, and folders, among other things.

Dedicated but flexible Storage Space for each mailbox!

Our email solutions dedicate a fixed amount of disk space for every hosted mailbox giving AND the option for individual mailboxes to choose the amount of space they need for their email. This allows you to create custom hosted solutions and packages tailor-made for the unique needs of your organization.

  • Our private, secure system protects you from unsolicited advertising.
  • Check your email, tasks, calendar and contacts from anywhere, anytime.
  • Deployed in secure and reliable datacenters to maintain high levels of availability.
  • Easily Managed. Even your non-technical personnel can quickly add or delete users.

iTernal Networks Guarantee

Mobility Untold — Web, Mobile, and Outlook

Business and employee mobility is crucial for market competitiveness of a business. iTernal Networks’ email services offer this mobility. Our services are responsive and can easily be accessed through mobile, web, and outlook — from anywhere on the planet!

Bank Level Security — No to Ads, Spam, or Virus

Collaborate with a peace of mind. We deploy premium anti-virus and anti-spam protections to ensure that business can forget about spam and viruses. We are committed to keeping your emails private, and therefore have a strict ad-free policy.

Available for You— 24/7, Every Year

We offer technical support and customer help 24/7. You can contact our experts via chat, phone, or ticket and we shall respond quickly!

Cloud Backup

Remain Abreast Of the Unexpected, With Secure and Affordable Cloud Backup

| Secure | Powerful | Affordable | Scalable |

Cloud backup ensures business continuity by protecting your business critical data from loss. iTernal Networks Cloud Backup solutions leverage a globally distributed network of data centers that regularly cache and update business critical data. Our team of managed cloud experts is always working to protect your data from loss, corruption, viruses, spam, and other cyber threats 24/7.

Your data is backed up regularly on our distributed content delivery network, allowing your data to be restored at a moment’s notice. It prevents downtime, and allows us to offer rapid response service in case the worst happens.

BENEFITS — iTernal Networks’ Cloud Backup

With our cloud backup:

  • Only a global apocalypse can induce discontinuity in your business
  • Your business experiences negligible downtime under the severest conditions
  • Your business remains mobile and connected at all times, and available across all platforms and mobile devices
  • Rapid response services from a team of managed cloud experts
  • Scale your cloud storage as your needs grow
Focus on your business operations. Let us handle the cloud.

Our experts can take over all aspects of the cloud, from pre-installing Cloud Backup on your servers and cloud backupperforming standard backups for your files, to monitoring, troubleshooting, and restoring backup tasks.

We keep your business data in top shape — delivering high performance.

iTernal Network Guarantees

  • Total Business Protection — Protect important files across all levels of business operations. Our Cloud Backup protects business files and applications that power websites, applications, projects, and employee collaboration, among others. We are committed to protecting your data while keeping it mobile, easily accessible and shareable, and easily restorable.
  • Improved Cost Efficiencies —Our solutions make efficient use of data compression techniques while backing up your data. Compress and de-duplication algorithms reduce storage needs and allow more efficient storage of data compared to traditional services.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use — Our Cloud Backup control panel has an intuitive layout that makes all important actions available on the main screen. It ensures that minimal energy and effort is needed to handle backups, and more on your business critical tasks. You can start protecting and restoring your files/folders within minutes.
  • Bank Level Security — We also offer enterprise-grade encryption to keep your data and cloud storage impenetrable. Your data is always encrypted as it travels between devices, ensuring that only the authorized personnel have access to business sensitive data.
  • Exceptional Scalability — Our cloud backup solutions are tailor-made to meet your business needs, both immediate and strategic. Our servers allow you to easily scale your storage requirements by adding additional storage, features, and expert services by simply informing us.

Contact Us for further information about iTernal Networks’ Cloud Backup, to discuss your business requirements and receive a quote!

Cloud PBX and VoIP Systems

Never Let Poor Call Quality Disrupt Your Business

Efficient communications are crucial for increasing business responsiveness and agility, enhancing business processes, and improving employee productivity.

To remain market competitive, it is essential that your employees are mobile, and able to effectively and efficiently collaborate and communicate across a wide range of devices — ranging from messaging, conferencing, email, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

iTernal Networks Cloud PBX and VoIP solutions that leverage the best-in-class cloud PBX and VoIP technologies from global leaders.

We are committed to maximizing value for your investment

Our experts are committed to maximizing value for your investment. We perform thorough analysis of your business requirements, strategic goals, and business objectives. As a result, you receive custom solutions tailor-made to the needs of your business.

Our solutions are built to scalable.

They grow with your business. You can easily scale our Cloud PBX services and VoIP systems with a single call.

VoIP Solutions

We create custom solutions tailor-made to the needs of our clients, delivering bespoke solutions for your VoIP phones —ranging from purpose-built hardware devices to simple software-based softphones.

Cloud PBX Solutions

Cloud PBX systems are located in bicoastal data centers by our VoIP Hosting Service Providers.

The iTernal Networks Advantage

Our Cloud PBX systems require Minimal support

Choosing a cloud-based PBX solution is a great way to free up IT resources to work on projects that are more strategic to the business.  It is also a good choice for small businesses with few technical resources.  The best solutions provide expert installation assistance, project management and end user support.cloud pbx

We eliminate multiple vendor confusion

Our cloud-based PBX resolves the problem of multiple points of contact —telecommunication carrier, PBX vendor, and local service provider. With our Cloud PBX, iTernal Networks becomes your sole point of contact for everything!

Global Mobility — Access from anywhere

Our solutions free your phone system from geographic constraints. This means that your business never experiences discontinuity as all communications can easily be re-routed across our robust content delivery network (CDN). Furthermore, this increases your worker’s mobility, allowing access to the system from anywhere on the globe. Furthermore, our increased integration allows end users to perform multiple tasks using the same service.

Flexible and Scalable

Our solutions have scalability ingrained into them. They grow alongside your business, allowing you to add features and increase headcount with a single call. Furthermore, we employ a pay-as-you-use pricing model. This gives you the flexibility of paying only for the service that you use, add easily increase/decrease your capacity when you need it.

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