The Most Significant Threat

As automation becomes necessary, cybersecurity is becoming the most significant threat and concern for every business, big or small.

Unfortunately, most companies need to understand the technicalities of the risks they face. In turn, most vendors do not bother to provide a well-rounded solution that secures their network and their most precious asset, i.e., business data.

Targets for Cyber Criminals

There are a few significant types of information that are targets for hackers. These include customer records, business correspondence information, information about intellectual property, financial information, customer credit card and debit card information, and employee records. Are you currently protecting all these areas of your business? If not, your business is likely at risk.

Hackers can attack your business in many different ways. Companies often experience web-based attacks, ransomware attacks, phishing and social engineering attacks, general malware attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, advanced malware attacks, compromised & stolen devices, and many other forms of cybercrimes.

The Impact of Insufficient Cybersecurity

What are the possible impacts of a cyber-attack? The short answer is a lot. Most small businesses that fall victim to a cyber-attack shut down within six months. Cyber-attacks’ common impacts are damage to your business’s reputation and loss of customer trust, business disruption, financial losses from theft and stolen financial information, and high costs of ridding your network of threats.

ITernal Networks’ mission is to help businesses prevent losses due to cyber-attacks. Understanding how your business can be attacked is the first step in helping you prevent an attack on your business. But what is the next step? That is where we come in.

At iTernal Networks, we have three significant verticals of enterprise cybersecurity: password management, security training, and network security management. We analyze your business and systems to see what cybersecurity protection you need. By combining these three aspects, we can provide comprehensive and complete cybersecurity solutions that will make your organization vulnerable to the most significant threats.

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