Cyber Security

Protect Your Most Precious Asset

As automation becomes a necessity, cyber security is becoming the biggest threat and concern for every business, big or small. Unfortunately, most businesses do not understand the technicalities of the risk they face, and in turn, most vendors don’t bother to provide a well-rounded solution that secures their network and their most precious asset i.e. business data.

At iTernal Networks, we are aware of all kinds of cyber security concerns for businesses today. We have the three major verticals of enterprise cyber security, which includes password management, security training, and network security management. Combining the three aspects, we are able to provide comprehensive and complete cyber security solutions that will make your organization invulnerable against the biggest threats.

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Our Cyber Security Services

Managed Network Security

For modern day entrepreneurs, the term cyber security has become synonymous with peace of mind. Knowing that your date is absolutely secure against threats and completely recoverable from attacks is something that will help you sleep better at night. Generic solutions, however, fail to provide the level of security you require. Your system and network require a more vigilant watch round the clock. That is why, iTernal Network brings V-Shield, a complete managed network security solution that help you proactively prevent breach, effectively respond to attacks, and successfully emerge as a survivor without any unrecoverable harm. Our cloud based managed network security solutions is designed to deliver feasibility to SMBs, which, contrary to popular belief, have a higher probability of cyber breach. Bundled with a plethora of features including V-Shield intrusion and data loss prevention, our V-Shield offers the following benefits:

  • Lower monthly subscription fee suitable for SMB and startups
  • Proactive protection against outside threats; promising a ‘clean internet’
  • Simple setup and management that won’t require you to hire an in-house network expert
  • Customizable security settings that can be managed remotely
  • End-User Training

    A single click is all it takes to jeopardize a whole organization and its data. That click can be any of your employee opening an unidentified email. This may sound absurd, but it is, indeed, one of the most common ways cyber attackers infiltrate enterprise network. Nearly 95 percent of data breaches are result of a human error. Therefore, when it comes to well-rounded security, employee training plays a vital role in ensuring that there are no holes in your strategy. iTernal Network realizes the importance of employee awareness and provides a cyber security solution that includes an ongoing program that can keep your employees engaged and informed. Some of the key features of our employee security training solution include:

  • Cloud based trainings system that allow each employee to learn at their own phase
  • Micro security training lessons on weekly basis for old and new employees
  • Monthly security newsletter sharing tips and information
  • Making employees aware of risks involved in using personal devices w
  • Creating, implementing, and sharing better electronic security policies
  • Password Protection

    A powerful password is imperative to your cyber security. At iTernal Networks, we have a password protection solution that not only offers stronger protection but also increases productivity by reducing the hassle involved in remembering and inserting passwords on a daily basis. Our solution provides each employee the ability to reset their login password without requesting help-desk assistance and waiting for their response. Some of the other features of our password protections solution include:

  • Compound encryption process using AES -256 and multiple hash keys
  • Immediate lockout of all your former employees across all systems
  • Strong and unique password for every system to prevent a complete breach
  • Secure sharing of credentials with co-workers