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With the onset of disruptive technologies (Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile), enterprise and business IT needs are changing. Meeting this challenge requires that your organization becomes more responsive to changing market dynamics. This requires creating a more open and flexible environment that delivers the resources and capabilities to support continuous innovation and transformation. This demands that the structure of your network and phone systems employs an agile infrastructure and becomes flexible and scalable.

iTernal Networks empowers businesses to take control of their IT costs, and enhance system integrity, delivery precision, and security — allowing them to support long-term, IT enabled improvements that drive higher performance and greater value.

We leverage the latest technologies and help clients design, build, migrate, and manage state-of-the-art IT environment— one that aligns the technologies to create and sustain a more scalable, flexible, secure, virtualized and mobile workplace.

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Our Infrastructure Services


Accelerate business initiatives and remove inefficiencies by establishing a more responsive IT infrastructure. Virtualization establishes an IT atmosphere where all business computing resources are pooled so that software takes over — your business receives services as needed.

This requires breaking the walls created by siloed systems and converting the existing IT network and infrastructure into one that boasts an agile, resilient, and highly adaptive architecture. As a result, replacing old hardware will never initiate any downtime.

A commitment to creating borderless enterprises

iTernal Networks Virtualization services help businesses overcome the challenges posed by a globally distributed workforce and competition using collaborative technologies. We connect geographically dispersed user groups so that the business resources can be leveraged as a single, centralized entity.

We create a border less enterprises where employees, customers, and partners can seamlessly share significant and critical information and keep their businesses processes efficiently connected to one another.

We simplify your IT infrastructure so that it delivers rising efficiencies

We have the resources and the expertise to deliver a complete set of cutting edge virtualization solutions that are cost-efficient and which are capable of addressing your specific objectives and environments.

Our seasoned virtualization specialists are committed to developing and implementing virtualization solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business. Once we have thoroughly assessed your existing infrastructure, we will work with you to plan, design, build and optimize a virtual infrastructure that is responsive to your current needs, and is capable of anticipating your needs as your business grows.

iTernal Networks Advantage

Our software-defined virtualization approach offers many advantages, including:

  • Consolidating workload and hardware
  • Enhancing business performance
  • Reducing costs and power needs
  • Greater flexibility and availability
  • Enhanced and centralized security
  • Simplified management procedures

Our virtualization experts are proficient in assessing IT infrastructure with long-term business goals in mind. We pride ourselves in collecting comprehensive utilization data to support the virtualization solutions we propose.

Beyond Server, Desktop, and Storage Virtualization

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the disruptive IT technologies. Hence, we have continued to evolve beyond dominant virtualization solutions: virtualization of networks, desktops, storage, and servers.

Contact us today and discuss how the best-in-class virtualization technologies can lower the density of your virtual machine and total cost of managing a virtualized environment.

Hardware & Software

Build and maintain a robust business computing prowess, ensure effective service delivery, and stay abreast of evolving technologies with iTernal Networks’ complete range of hardware and software services.

Our services include hardware, software, networking, and implementation.


Meet your Digital Needs by Leveraging the World’s Best Brands

We have partnered with some of the largest wholesalers and support leading computer and networking hardware manufacturers and suppliers. We can supply all of your hardware needs — ranging from high-end branded servers, PCs, and laptops, to peripheral devices, external storage, printers, and other computer components at highly competitive prices.

We are committed to keeping your business abreast of the changing market dynamics with the latest technologies.


Streamline Business Processes with Powerful Solutions from Leading Developers

We pride ourselves in maintaining class-leading knowledge of all business and enterprise software. Our support team maintains the latest accreditations from the leading suppliers. As a result, your business receives services backed and guaranteed by the world’s foremost software developers and providers.

Our extensive network allows us to procure licenses for almost all major products as soon as 24 hours from the time of order!

Computer Networking

We offer complete over-hauling, provisioning, and implementation services for business computer networks. Our team can work on installation of all aspects of your network so that your users can easily share data and resources.

Large or small, we’re always there for the job!

Your requirements can range from connecting a few office computers to the internet, to implementing a complete enterprise level network with high speed fiber connection, gigabit Ethernet, equipment racks, gigabit Wi-Fi, and other necessary I/O devices.

Specializing in Virtual Private Networks

We have the resources, expertise, and the in-depth knowledge to implement virtual private networks — allowing staff dispersed across various geographic locations to easily, reliably, and securely access sharedhardwaresoftware business resources. Furthermore, our networks are deployed for the sake ease of remote management over the web.

iTernal Networks’ provisions and implementation services

We assist organizations to run more efficiently by offering provisioning and implementation services to ensure effective deployment of IT infrastructure.

Contact us to discuss your business needs and requirements, and how our experts can be of service to you!

VoIP Systems

Imagine yourself, free from the hardwired problems of PBX

Increase communications flexibility, reduce costs, and gain peace of mind that your system can scale as your business grows. iTernal Networks’ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions bring greater flexibility and scalability to your business communication channels at market competitive costs.

iTernal Networks VoIP — Internet telephony across your high-speed broadband

Your PBX is a closet full of traditional nightmares — ranging from maintenance, repair, and upgrade costs, to performance inefficiencies, reduced system visibility, and scaling complexity.

VoIP dissolves PBX and all the complex wirings, equipment from the mix. With VoIP, there is not more complex wiring. It replaces them with software based equipment that leverage your internet connectivity to reduce costs (communication, upgrade, repair, and maintenance) and enhance business efficiency.

Furthermore, your business will enjoy increased visibility across your communication channel and hence greater chances of integration.

| Easy to Set Up | Convenient to Use | High Integration |

Our VoIP solutions are easy to set up, convenient to use, easily integrate with other business systems, and simple to maintain. They remove the burden of complexity, deployment and running costs, and reduce the time needed to bring your employees at par with effectively using the service.

iTernal Networks VoIP Systems — Features

With our VoIP systems, your business can enjoy all of the following service features:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Forwarding, Call Transfers, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Three-way calling
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Call Pick-up, Call Park
  • Call Recording, and Call Monitoring
  • Call Routing and Call Queues
  • Voicemail to email
  • Conference Calling
  • Virtual and Remote Extensions
  • Tools (Monitoring and Analytics)
  • Call reporting
  • Ability to utilize PSTN calling and VoIP
  • Application integration
  • Web based management

The iTernal Networks Advantages

Cost Savings

Our VoIP systems offer a complete overhauling of your existing PBX system, integrating your communication channels with existing broadband network. This dramatically reduces the costs of maintaining and supporting your telephony system.

Increased Mobility

Our VoIP systems offer remote deployment capabilities. This allows you to easily setup branch offices, distributed call center, and support employee flexibility (work from home) without having to deploy a new phone system. Your telephony system goes anywhere the internet is.

Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Our VoIP systems enhance visibility across all business processes and functions. It allows seamless integration with other business systems including ERP and CRM platforms. This allows your workforce to easily and securely login to your system from anywhere using a web browser.

Furthermore, you gain real-time access to analytics, queue statuses, and other system wide statistics — viop systemsallowing your employees to make more informed decision about your operations at a moment’s notice.


Traditional PBX required complete replacement once the headcount went past a certain limit. With our VoIP phone systems, your business can extend and scale the system with a click/tap.

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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of any communication system. Network infrastructure should be designed to meet both existing and future requirements and iTernal Networks has the experience and expertise to assist in planning, installing, and maintaining network communication systems

Structured Cabling Installation

  • Installation of copper and fiber optic cable
  • Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  • Cable certification and compliance testing

Video Surveillance

Technology advancements utilize the highest quality surveillance systems to deter crime in facilities like hotels, corporate headquarters, schools and retail locations while also providing for instant access from remote locations on intuitive mobile devises. iTernal Networks designs commercial video surveillance systems with camera feeds that can be viewed at the facility itself or from a remote location with any of the popular smart phones or tablets.

When we develop commercial surveillance solutions we use

  • Best-in-class surveillance camera systems and video displays
  • Commercial surveillance CCTV (closed circuit television system)
  • DVR/NVR surveillance camera systems that are remote-viewable not only from a PC or Mac with internet connection, but also from Android phones, iPhone, iPod, & iPad.
  • Remote viewing capabilities like live streaming camera viewing and PTZ camera control or remote playback and input/output control on the DVR/NVR System

iTernal Networks designs a video surveillance system to perform every function required, while keeping budgetary considerations at the forefront of our planning. Call or email us with your project needs today.