Managed I.T.

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High-quality technology is essential for growing companies, but the ongoing costs of new components and IT support can stretch small and medium-sized businesses. iTernal Networks, a Las Vegas managed service provider, offers a better solution for professional IT services. For an established monthly rate, our qualified specialists will manage your IT needs without any surprise fees.

Our dedicated specialists proactively monitor your essential systems and respond swiftly to your needs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives—generating leads, increasing sales, keeping customers satisfied and tapping new sources of income—to grow your business.

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Our Managed I.T. Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Prepare for disaster before it happens. You insure your company’s physical facilities against disasters like flood and fire, but what about vulnerable IT data? Protect your vital business information from loss due to a natural disaster, system failure, or human error with reliable data recovery and backup options from iTernal Networks. recovery

iTernal Networks’ complete backup and data recovery packages include:

  • Easy accessibility to your data backups through our dedicated servers
  • Automatic backup of your company data throughout the day, every day
  • Unlimited local devices can be backed up to a single BDR appliance
  • Virtual Test Bed for evaluating updates, upgrades, and new software installations with no threat to your existing environment. See the benefits of a virtual testbed
  • Redundant backups in three locations: local server or workstation, local BDR appliance, and Bi-coastal off-site data centers
  • Automatic snapshots of backups are taken to ensure backups were successful and can be booted
  • Granular and Exchange recovery options
  • AES 256 and SSL Key-based encryption
  • Offsite backups are stored in SAS70 Type II data centers (most secure rating possible)
  • An offsite copy of your IT infrastructure can be used as a spare within minutes in the event of a system failure at your location
  • Disaster Recovery Backup solutions from 250 GB up to 40 TB available
  • Smaller file based backup solutions also available

Network & Security

Whether you have a unique request for networking and security or simply need a standard network solution, iTernal Networks can help. Our team of qualified IT specialists provides network installation, monitoring and management services to businesses throughout the Las Vegas area.networking

  • Installation – We design and install advanced wired and wireless network solutions from SonicWALL, Meraki, Cisco, and D-Link. Our networking equipment offers many advanced features, such as layer 7 traffic shaping to ensure that critical business systems are prioritized on the network.
  • Monitoring – We will monitor your IT infrastructure through a process of observation and supervision of PC’s and servers, storage devices and the applications that run on them.
  • Management – We ensure that your system stays both online and secure through experienced management of your network.

Your network and security needs may require just installation or monitoring or the full range of services. However you want to handle technology, iTernal Networks networking and security services will fit. Call or email our experienced team at iTernal Networks now to find answers to your networking questions.

Outsourced IT

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, keeping pace with it has become costly and time consuming. Strategically deploy your resources and focus your efforts on your business critical operations, and outsourcing the underlying technology that supports your business operations to iTernal Networks..

By outsourcing your IT to iTernal Networks you get an entire team dedicated to your IT Systems.

We aid forward-thinking companies remain abreast of the latest technology, improve efficiency, mitigateoutsourced IT risks, improve work process, and cut costs by assuming business and technology functions.

With an in-house IT employee your business has limited resources and experience. In-house employees have limited experience dealing with different and emerging technologies, get sick, take vacations, and cannot be available 24/7.

Available 24/7

iTernal Networks offers an entire team of IT professionals with industry certifications and experience in more areas than any one employee can possibly maintain. With us you can have access to our technical support and team of technicians 24/7/365. We ensure that you are always covered.

We let business outsource their IT needs and non-core work.

In most cases our outsourced IT solutions are more cost effective and more efficient than an in-house IT employee. With iTernal Networks’ outsourced IT solutions, we can ensure that your business has access to the latest and best technology for your IT infrastructure by leveraging our network of partnership relations with the industry’s leading vendors.

iTernal Networks brings the power of enterprise level management software to small businesses, which otherwise would become too costly to operate and maintain in-house. We utilize enterprise-level system monitoring and management software to ensure that systems are operating at peak performance and that system maintenance is performed on routine schedules.

Help Desk & NOC

Providing exceptional IT support is crucial for maintaining a productive workforce. This demands a well-oiled process driven Help Desk and NOC function. However, building and maintaining in-house help desks and Network Operation Centers (NOC) can become a costly endeavor. Improve profitability and scalability with iTernal Network’s outsourced NOC and Help Desk solution.

| Respond | Resolve | Remediate |

We employ the best-in-class talent, and have invested in the latest technologies to manage your IT environment, allowing businesses to easily white label our service.

Respond — Our managed workplace continuously monitors business functions, immediately alerting the NOC technicians when the need arises. Issues are only escalated for consideration and action once the root cause has been thoroughly analyzed.

Remediate and Resolve — Once an escalation is received, we immediately, efficiently, and effectively remediate it, including performing any patch management, giving you total peace of mind.

| Streamlined | Flexible | Scalable |

We offer technical expertise tailored to your unique business needs at a fraction of the cost of full time hiring.help desk

We deliver dedicated, 24/7 support to our clients. Now you can completely remain focused on your core business operations, leaving the monitoring, diagnosis, patching, and reporting to our experts.

Easily scale your NOC and Help Desk needs. Simply inform us and we will immediately scale our services to meet your business needs.

Print Management

Boost productivity, save costs, improve document security, and gain visibility and control of your printing with managed print.

The cost of managing a single printer, the supporting infrastructure and staff, and its output, and the time resources needed to maintain and optimize it can become problematic. Managing a business printing network with multiple nodes is a challenge.

iTernal Networks Understands the Printing Management Challenge

We understand the complexity of in-house print network, including:

  • Printed Pages —The number of pages produced by production print operations and employees.
  • Diverse Devices —Print networks can comprise of high-volume and multi-purpose printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and scanners among others.
  • Supplies Provision — Toner, ink, paper, and other print consumables and supplies
  • Print Support — Printing device maintenance, change and move requests, technical services, and support from IT help desk among others
Our managed print solutions are committed to significantly reducing the print costs of our clients. 

We are committed to doing more than overseeing your printers. Our print management solutions offer:

  • Full audit of Network Print devices — A systematic, up-front audit and profiling of all the printing and supporting devices working on the network, and their dependencies.
  • Monitor print environment — we continuously monitor the network and initiate consistent process improvements that save costs in upgrades, maintenance, and functionality, and improve efficiency.
  • Remote device monitoring — we monitor, manage, and optimize every node in the entire network.
  • Print habit tracking and analysis — We perform an up-front economy audit, a thorough printerassessment to analyze your existing print infrastructure, identifying hidden costs being absorbed by your organization, your suppliers base, and order history to develop a more effective procurement model.
  • Isolation of IT issues — we proactively identify potential printing problems. To mitigate downtime, we isolate and quarantine them from the network, resolving potential threats and problems without affecting office productivity.
  • Cost and Yield Analysis — we perform aggregate yield percentage analysis and total print cost analysis to create a holistic picture of financial spending. This allows us to develop cost reduction strategies.
  • Print Cost Reduction Strategies — develop a roadmap for streamlining the printing process, and reducing printing devices and supplies, energy consumption, and paper foot print.
  • Fulfillment High Quality Imaging Supplies — we develop streamlined supply chains from your existing supplier network as well as leverage our network of vendors to make high quality imaging supplies available at a moment’s notice.
  • Contracted onsite maintenance and repair — we deploy the best-in-class technical talent for performing rapid response maintenance and repair functions on site. This minimizes the downtime of the printing devices, increases efficiency, and empowers businesses with the ability to flexibly scale teams.

The management of just one printer can bring headaches when it needs toner or ink. Multiply that problem by the number of printers in your small or medium-sized business and that problem is only magnified.

We free up time so that your business can focus on core mission, leaving the management of your print to us.

iTernal Network print management solutions ensure a more streamlined procurement process — one that leverages a defined print strategy with lower cost logistics, accountable and transparent ordering procedures, and reduced printing and professional spend.

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Mobile Device Management

The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise has raised new and complex mobility management challenges.

Increasing variations in device platforms, models, and operating system versions have compounded device management challenges, making access to corporate resources from mobile devices the biggest threat to corporate IT security.

iTernal Network offers robust enterprise mobile device management (MDM) services.

Our MDM solutions offers total control over mobile content management (MCM) and mobile application management (MAM) for tablets and smartphones.

We can aid your business deploy flexible and scalable employee mobility policies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) while outsourcing all the risk, management, maintenance, and upgrade responsibilities.

Our solution enables you to securely enroll, configure, and update a diverse fleet of devices quickly and over-the-air.

iTernal Networks MDM supports Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Apple iOS, and Android, among other platforms, and seamlessly manages them form a single console.

Unique Mobility Management Solutions — Tailor Made for your Business Needs

We create unique solutions tailor-made to address your business needs. Every iTernal Networks MDM is customized to offer the required level system integration, usability, management, and support. Privacy and data security tools are always intrinsic to our solutions and systematically protect the whole network.

We guarantee:

Customized set of features and system capabilities

Our solutions offer only those capabilities and features that are needed to support your organizational mobility needs and goals. All our solutions are geared towards increasing productivity, simplifying usability, and efficiently connecting devices and managing data.

High usability and reduced management overhead

Our MDM are highly intuitive and simple to use. This reduces learning curve for your employees and clients, and also reduces the time and effort needed to manage devices (normal and rogue) functional or present across the environment.

Data Security and privacy across the network

Your data security is our topmost priority. Our MDM services deploy state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions to create impenetrable data silos. Access to your data is always encrypted preventing access from unauthorized devices and sources.

A flexible, competitive, and scalable pricing model

We believe in delivering flexible solutions, one that can grow with your business. Our MDM solutions aremobile highly scalable, allowing you to add or remove features in accordance with changing market dynamics and business realities. This is automatically translated into scalable pricing. We charge you only for what you need.

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