The Most Significant Threat

Managed Network Security

For modern-day entrepreneurs, the term ‘cybersecurity’ has become synonymous with peace of mind. Knowing that your company data is secure against threats and recoverable from attacks will help you sleep better at night. Generic solutions, however, fail to provide the level of security you require. Your company’s system and network need a more vigilant watch around the clock. That is why iTernal Network brings V-Shield, a complete managed network security solution that helps you proactively prevent breaches, effectively respond to attacks, and successfully emerge as a survivor without any unrecoverable harm.

Our cloud-based managed network security solutions are designed to deliver feasibility to SMBs, which, contrary to popular belief, have a higher probability of a cyber breach. Bundled with a plethora of features, including V-Shield intrusion and data loss prevention, our V-Shield offers the following benefits:

  • Lower monthly subscription fees suitable for SMBs and startups 
  • Proactive protection against outside threats, promising a ‘clean internet’ 
  • Simple setup and management that won’t require you to hire an in-house network expert 
  • Customizable security settings that can be managed remotely 

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