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As businesses expand globally, they encounter pivotal changes:

  1. Organizations evolve to meet market demands, inadvertently relying more on IT infrastructure.
  2. With technology upgrades, security vulnerabilities emerge during integration.

Security is crucial for network readiness. A Network Security Audit is essential for maintenance and repair and presents data to answer the question: 

Is my network prepared for the worst?

Only a robust security network audit can assess that and give you the insights needed to make more informed decisions about securing your network.

Our cost-effective audit simplifies network complexities, offering actionable insights.

What a Network Security Audit Consists Of

We employ a five-tier audit process:

  1. Survey, Analysis, and Information Gathering
  2. Scanning and Assessment of Network Vulnerabilities
  3. Testing and Assessment of Penetration
  4. Verification of Vulnerabilities and Penetration
  5. Vulnerability Analysis

As a result, we can map and assess all of the following: 

  • Network resources 
  • Network’s bandwidth utilization 
  • Different strengths and weaknesses of processes 
  • Nodal analysis and technology streamlining 
  • Existing upgrade and patch management 

Our experts provide a detailed inventory report, highlighting inefficiencies and potential risks. We safeguard your network from data loss, crashes, hacking, and failed backups.

Ensuring your network’s security and resilience is paramount in today’s digital environment. Our Network Security Audit comprehensively assesses your network, identifying vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights to fortify your defenses. With our expertise and cost-effective solutions, you can navigate the complexities of network security, strengthen your infrastructure, and evolve confidently. Contact us today to learn more and safeguard your network against potential threats.

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