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You have the hardware, software and network systems you need to support your business or organization with information technology. Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time, knowledge base or skill set to personally support the ongoing IT challenges that arise. iTernal Networks provides essential help from informed and experienced IT professionals with hourly on call support.

Let iTernal Networks be your IT support staff to answer questions and troubleshoot over the phone or on-site, all at reasonable hourly rates. Our highly trained IT professionals have a broad range of experience to guide them quickly to resolve your problem.

No Setup Fees! Limited Time!

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Additional Services

Network Security Audit

Secure the Transformation of Your Network

| Assess | Readjust | Grow |

As businesses across the globe grow, they experience two important changes:

  1. As organizations grow and transform to meet the changing realities of the market and respond to changing consumer behavior and dynamics of the competition, they inadvertently become more dependent on their IT infrastructure.
  2. As organizations expand their IT network with technology upgrades and automation, security loopholes appear (and go undetected) when new technologies and business processes are integrated with existing ones.

However, most businesses consider the expansion of their IT network as a linear process, in line with their business growth. This can induce network wide inefficiencies and leave gaping security loopholes in the infrastructure.

Security is a critical factor in determining the level of network readiness to further change and growth.  A Network Security Audit is a vital component of network maintenance and repair. It gathers, analyzes, and presents data in answer to the question:

How much do you understand the impact of your networks transformation?

How has your decisions to affect virtualization, integration of bandwidth hungry technologies, proliferation of mobile devices and incorporation of employee/customer mobility, and increased volume of data affected your network utilization?

Only a robust security network audit can assess that and give you the insights needed to make more informed decisions about securing your network.

Our Network Security Audit Service

We identify security lapses before they impact end-users, business processes, and applications

We offer cost-effective network security audits. Our audit gives you a simplified picture of your network, effectively showing bottlenecks and actionable recommendations for securely and cost-effectively expanding your network.

We employ a five-tier audit:

  1. Survey, Analysis, and Information Gathering
  2. Scanning and Assessment of Network Vulnerabilities
  3. Testing and Assessment of Penetrationnetwork security
  4. Verification of Vulnerabilities and Penetration
  5. Vulnerability Analysis

As a result, we are able to map and assess all of the following:

  • Network resources
  • Network’s bandwidth utilization
  • Different strengths and weaknesses of processes
  • Nodal analysis and technology streamlining
  • Existing upgrade and patch management

This brings to light the complete lifecycle and interconnectedness of all software and hardware deployed on your network. This allows our experts to perform a thorough analysis of the network and create an inventory report. All the assessments and existing bottleneck and recommended course of action are also summarized for ease of communication.

We are committed to offering the most robust security audits, ones that significantly expand your perspectives about network security and interconnectedness. Our security audit will aid you better understand how your IT hardware and software are working together, or against each other.

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Cloud Migration

A Commitment to Simplifying Your Move

Organizations migrating to hosted environments face a plethora of problems — ranging from security threats, loss of data, malfunctioning databases, environmental inefficiencies, downtime for business critical operations, loss of business continuity, and more.

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS — Our migration service supports all models!

iTernal Network offers a dedicated team of cloud migration specialists who have the experience and the expertise in aiding your business migrate virtual and dedicated environments, databases, applications, servers, and email from cloud.

Private, Public, and Hybrid — we support all infrastructures!

We understand that for many organizations, the toughest question is not whether to migrate to the cloud, but HOW to migrate to the cloud?

iTernal Network is committed to delivering resources and services to make migration fast, secure, efficient, and seamlessly non-disruptive.

iTernal Networks Cloud Migration Services

| Databases | Applications | Servers | Email |

We offer a secure, rapid, and seamless migration of your cloud-ready applications to dedicated cloud platform

Database Migration Services

We support major and propriety databases including MS SQL, MySQL, or Oracle®. You can easily upgrade or change your database to meet your emerging business needs. Our experts ensure that your database is seamlessly migrated without affecting business operations.

Application Migration Services

We offer complete support for SaaS apps, content management systems, and custom apps built on all platforms (Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Red Hat Linux applications, and other propriety platforms). We also support application changeovers (Drupal to WordPress, etc.).

Server Migration Services

Whether you have virtual, dedicated (physical), or cloud hosted servers, we can aid your business migrate to virtual servers or public cloud in no time.  Our services are geared to handle migration of single servers to entire application suites, offering operating system upgrades and the ability to easily migrate apps, data, and images.

Email Migration Services

We can migrate your email and all shared data to dedicated hosted exchange.

The iTernal Networks Advantage

We are committed to aiding your business in managing change while transitioning through cloud cloud migrationmigration. We back it with ongoing support!

We guarantee:

  • Hands-on support and expert guidance throughout the migration process
  • Zero IT and business disruptions
  • An accelerated migration process to the cloud.
  • Our migration service includes a benchmark migration to prove out the timing, migration process and network and storage connectivity. It also includes a pilot migration on a predefined application set that validates the migration.

All migration solutions are initiated after a careful and thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure. Our migration solutions are systematic and follow a five-tier model:

  1. Planning — data gathering and analysis resulting in a detailed migration plan
  2. Scheduling — Detailed movement plan of different components to ensure business continuity
  3. Pre-Migration — An final assessment and preparation of an itemized inventory report detailing migration tasks and migration processes
  4. Migration Execution — Systematic process for seamlessly migrating your apps, servers, databases, email, etc.
  5. Production Hand-over — Finalization, update, and complete and documented migration handover

Contact us to discuss your business requirements with a migration expert, or to gain further information!


Data Recovery

Mitigate Business Discontinuity with Preventive Data Recovery

Business continuity is dependent on the amount of data that your organization can recover in case disaster strikes. However, even with the most robust and secure services deployed to protect your business data, data loss is a real risk and must be holistically integrated into a business disaster recovery plan.

Some businesses believe data loss can be prevented with data protection services alone. However, data loss is not simply a measure of the level or protection you have against external penetration. Internal accidents such as a human errors (accidental deletion), mishaps (system crash, hardware failure, or corruption), and technical faults can wreck havoc with data.

A Data Recovery Plan is an integral component of any Disaster Recovery Plan

iTernal Networks offers robust Data Recovery solutions tailored to cater your unique business needs. We understand the value of your data, the need for fast turnaround, and ensuring the integrity of your devices and security of your data while recovering it.

The iTernal Networks Service

We are committed to recovering your data — Securely, Cost-Effectively, and with the shortest turnaround time.

We offer rapid response data recovery services — one that brings your lost data to fore in no time, affordably, and at minimal loss to your business.

iTernal Networks offers Data Recovery services that leverage the best in class technologies, methods, and processes to unearth data. We offer bespoke data recovery services. Our certified and licensed data recoveryexperts have the expertise and the hands-on experience to recover data from wide range devices.

We can recover data from a wide range of data devices ranging from desktops and RAID/NAS /SAN, to consumer devices (laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPhones, Mp3 players, digital cameras, etc), and other removable media (hard disks, CDs, tapes, flash drives, etc.).

iTernal Networks employs a team of highly dedicate data experts who are passionate about resolving some of the most business critical data issues on the market.

Whatever your requirements, give the iTernal network specialists a call and we’ll get back to you immediately!

Contact us for further details about data loss and we’ll have it recovered in no time!


Email Security & Archiving

Simplify Email Management and Storage

BARRICADE viruses, spam, and malware from your network and ensure a secure and seamless flow and storage of email communication across your business with robust email security and archiving services.

We ensure business mobility and continuity under all circumstances

We offer email security and storage solutions tailor-made to meet your current email needs and intrinsically scalable to grow with your business. Leveraging the cloud, our solutions offer unlimited storage and secure and seamless mobility across all devices and platforms.

Simplified Email Management

With McAfee’s Security-as-a-Service, all detection, filtering, quarantine, backup, and recovery functions are handled at our secure facilities. SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite reduces the need for additional IT resources, and new hardware and software purchases.


The iTernal Networks Advantage

Keep your communication channel clean from fraudulent emails, phishing scams, viruses, worms, and spam with a guaranteed 99% rate with our cloud based email security & archiving solutions, provided by McAfee Security.

Securing communications, blocking threats before they reach your network

Ensured Availability and Continuity

All your emails are archived and you gain secure access via our intuitive browser based interface. This allows you to instantly access them anytime even during outages. Now you can count on uninterrupted protection for your outbound and inbound messages as well as continuous availability of your email.

Zero Overhead Costs — No Maintenance, Updates, or Repairs

We offer the most sophisticated range of features using a highly flexible pricing model. With our email services, you invest in a solution — a package where you do not have to invest in continuous software and hardware updates. We take care of the work and let you take of the core business.

Intuitive Email Management

Our solutions reduce managerial overhead. Our email service is feature rich but designed to be highly intuitive, giving you all the controls on a single web-based administration control panel. The intuitive design dramatically reduces the learning curve and allows you easily configure and monitor activities.

Remain Compliant At All Times

Efficiently and cost-effectively meet legal and regulatory document retention requirements by archiving every email. We offer unlimited cloud storage with a pay-per-use pricing model!

Powerful Search Algorithms

Search and access the right email from thousands of archived emails without IT support. Powerful and highly targeted search filters allow you to perform advanced searches — options include setting search criteria for sender/receives, email and attachment content, date, and more!email archiving

Flexible Email Routing

Easily manage and handle multiple email domains. Our services simplify email administration and reduce operating costs by allowing you to add new local domains and redirect existing domains to the appropriate recipients and servers.

24/7 Customer Support

We are available to aid you 27/7, the whole year. You can count on our trained professionals and support specialists to address your questions, share resources, and help resolve any issues you may experience with your email.

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Network Design

Boost Network Efficiency and Responsiveness with a Robust Network Design

With the rise of disruptive technologies and increasing demand for integration between business systems and greater transparency across the enterprise, organizational networks find themselves under pressure. Aging network designs and infrastructure are impeding business productivity, transparency, and scalability, while simultaneously increasing network management costs.

iTernal Networks Network Design ensures organizational networks become responsive, cost-effective,  and scalable

A planned and well-designed network minimizes total costs of ownership for the business, meeting requirements for resiliency, security, responsiveness, and efficiency, and scalability and building the organization’s flexibility and capacity for responding to market changes.

The iTernal Networks Network Design Approach

We employ a team of dedicated, passionate, and certified IT professionals. We are committed to creating highly customized network designs tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our Network Design services are systematic, heavily focusing on assessing business requirement, needs, and capabilities of the existing infrastructure:

  • Data gathering for assessing network requirements
  • Selection of network architecture
  • Discussion and technology/product recommendations with stakeholders
  • Detailed network analysis and design
  • License coordination

The iTernal Network Advantage

We are committed to excellence. Whether we’re charged with developing a network design for 10 people or 500, we always give our all. Whether its anticipating breakdowns and building redundancy into network, delivering easy access to information by balancing security, or standardizing software and hardware across the network to keep maintenance costs in check — we ensure that once implemented, your network will be robust, agile, and scalable.

Connectivity and Security

We ensure that your network is capable of handling an increasingly mobile employee and customer base. We also understand security concerns when it comes to accessing data from multiple devices and locations. Hence, we take into account every aspect of your network and business needs so that security and mobility go hand in hand, and without slowing down operations.

In-built Redundancy

Business continuity in face of the unpredictable is an essential quality of a business. We ensure minimal downtime by incorporating fail-safes into the network design by adding backup devices for any mission-critical components — ranging from multiple internet connections and identical servers, to wireless routers, additional switches, and spare devices.

Software and Hardware Standardization

We ensure that the network will run smoothly by standardizing software and hardware. We conduct full audit of existing systems, peripherals, and working software to determine where standardization will avail the highest returns. This significantly reduces costs incurred by updates, maintenance, and repairs.network design

Disaster Recovery Plans

A detailed disaster recovery plan is an integral part of our network design. We ensure that in case of a disaster, your business critical networking operations are not affected. We do this by provisioning for back-up power, data backup, and network crash procedures for various scenarios — ranging from office, building, and metropolitan wide disasters.

Organizational Growth and Scalability

Our network designs put scalability at their core. As a result, your network will always remain at the forefront of your business growth, allowing you to easily scale network infrastructure to meet your changing business needs.


Office Relocation

Ensuring a Seamless Relocation Experience

| Systematic | Cost-Effective | Negligible Downtime |

The biggest nightmare for a growing IT dependent business is office relocation. Improper relocation can prove devastating for business operations, employee morale, customer service, and overall business efficiency. This is especially the case when propriety or custom legacy systems tailor-made for the business unique needs become unstable.

We understand these concerns and offer highly systematic, proven, and cost-effective relocation services for your IT infrastructure — one that guarantees negligible downtime for your business!

The iTernal Networks Office Relocation Services

We don’t simply RELOCATE your network; we RE-DEPLOY it to deliver optimal functionality!

Our relocation services cover the complete spectrum of IT infrastructure — ranging from general design and installation of equipment, cabling of the infrastructure, and deployment of wireless networks and WAN services and mobility and remote access solutions, to configuring internet connectivity and firewalling, hosted exchange, antivirus, web content filtering, VoIP telephony, and much more!

We relocate businesses and not just IT environments and technologies.

Our team of trained experts has an in-depth understanding of network design, redeployment, and configuration. Committed to seamlessly relocating your businesses, we continuously train them to remain abreast of the latest technologies and best practices. As a result, our relocation service guarantees results.

Dedicated Managers

We offer highly committed relocation services. Hence, a dedicated and experienced relocation manager will be assigned to your projects, irrespective of complexity or size!

A Flexible Pricing Model

We address each relocation project differently, catering to the unique needs of the business. This automatically translates into a highly flexible pricing model. As each project is treated as a unique project, we quickly asses the level of support and resources needed to complete it within the required time frame. As a result, we are able to offer quotes for the work done, incorporating your resources as relocationwell!

Abreast of Latest Technologies

As IT infrastructure experts, we have established a strong network of suppliers and vendors. This grants us access to leading technologies and industry products. As a result, we are able to support your relocation with components and product upgrades in case an element dies when it was unplugged.

Once informed of potential issues, we can accommodate the problem. Our extensive network allows us to quickly source the products and components and have it ready for re-deployment at the new premises.

Contact Us to discuss further details about your office relocation!

Project Management

Improve Business performance

Grow your business by focusing on core and strategic business operations. Let us handle and successfully complete your complicated projects — on time and within budget. Leverage our managed project services and have your business deliver more for less!

We are committed to proactively supporting your business by improving in flight projects — deploying governance processes and procedures to improve value from projects and to aid thought leaders to develop themselves further.

We offer bespoke capability development to raise the level of your own people. We can provide targeted consultancy for improving competency and efficiency in focused areas.

Our Project Management Services

Our project management services are geared for supporting and aiding complete governance and handling of discrete programs and projects. Our experienced program managers and their supporting team will be responsible for handling all necessary human resources — ranging from project administration through project and senior program management.

We offer flexibly staffing so that we can scale on a need-to basis, reducing staff down-time and improving cost-efficiencies.

The iTernal Networks Advantage

With iTernal Networks’ Project Management, you gain the following benefits:

  • Cost Flexibility — We employ a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This allows you to pay only for the Project Management Services that are needed and used during the program/project.
  • Lower Cost Levels — Our services reduce the costs of managing your in-house PM services.project manage
  • Greater Transparency — Our services increase transparency, reduce blind spots for improved decision making, and barricade office politics with an external influence.
  • Expert Insights — We hunt for, employ, and connect with the best management qualified consultants. Our extensive network allows us to leverage experience in all sectors.
  • Multi-Sector Insights — We aid our clients by transferring practical knowledge, insights, and lessons from all sectors that our professionals have worked with.
  • Greater Exposure to New Methodologies — Working with us your thought leaders will discover new and proven methodologies and best practices being used internationally.

Experience the advantage! Contact Us to discuss your project requirements with us!