Outsourced IT

Get an Entire Team Dedicated to Your IT Systems

We aid forward-thinking companies in their quest to remain knowledable about the latest technology, continiously improve their efficiency, mitigate their risks, improve their work processes, and cut costs by helping with their business and technology functions.

Out Source Your Team

You have the hardware, software, and network systems to support your business or organization with information technology. Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time, knowledge base, or skill set to personally support ongoing IT challenges that arise.

In today’s world, having an IT company or expert install your infrastructure is not enough. Your system should be constantly monitored and maintained. Many businesses have an internal employee responsible for regularly updating your hardware/software, upgrading parts of your business’s system as needed, and helping other employees with various IT needs. While you certainly can have an internal employee responsible for these tasks, it is best to have an educated professional or team of professionals be the one to monitor and maintain your systems. Whether they are working with you current IT professional or taking over for them.

Having a dedicated team with years of IT experience to consistently monitor your network significantly decreases the chance of your business experiencing a crisis. Not to mention, if an emergency does arise, you have a team with the knowledge and expertise to solve the issue swiftly. Working with an IT team is also cheaper than paying an employee by the hour to monitor your IT. iTernal Networks provides essential help from informed and experienced IT professionals with hourly on-call support, eliminating the hourly cost on an employee.

Add Us to Your Team w/ Co-Managed IT

Working with a company, like iTernal Networks, to monitor your IT also increases productivity. As our team of IT experts proactively responds to your IT needs and issues, employees will spend less time fixing a broken printer or a software issue and more time doing what you are paying them for.

With an in-house IT employee, your business has limited access to resources and experience. In-house employees have limited experience dealing with different and emerging technologies, get sick, take vacations, and cannot be available 24/7

We’re Available 24/7!

Our team of IT professionals is equipped with industry certifications and experience in more areas than any ONE employee can maintain. With us, you can access our technical support and team of technicians 24/7/365. Yes, you read that right; we’ve got you covered 24/7! 

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