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Video Surveillance

Technology advancements utilize the highest quality surveillance systems to deter crime in facilities like hotels, corporate headquarters, schools, and retail locations while providing instant access from remote locations on intuitive mobile devices. iTernal Networks designs commercial video surveillance systems with camera feeds that can be viewed at the facility or remotely with any popular smartphone or tablet.

When we develop commercial surveillance solutions, we provide your business with the following: 

  • Top-of-the-line surveillance camera systems so your business will have minimal downtime, the highest quality video displays, and ease of mind knowing that your assets are being properly monitored. 
  • Privacy. We utilize commercial surveillance closed circuit television systems so you can decide what you want to record and who you allow to review the recordings within your business. 
  • People nowadays aren’t always at their worksites. However, you still want to be able to monitor your worksite even if you are not there. We provide DVR/NVR surveillance camera systems that are remote-viewable not only from a PC or Mac with an internet connection but also from Android phones, iPhones, iPods, & iPad. 
  • The flexibility of working from anywhere and still having peace of mind is incredible. We provide remote viewing capabilities like live streaming camera viewing and PTZ camera control or remote playback and input/output control on the DVR/NVR system so that you can access your surveillance from anywhere. 
  • iTernal Networks designs a video surveillance system to perform every function required while keeping budgetary considerations at the forefront of our planning. Call or email us with your project needs today. 

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