From Risk to Resilience: Mastering FTC Compliance

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  • How your business is affected by the new FTC Safeguards rules and regulations 
  • The EXACT steps to follow to mitigate your cyber risk and avoid hefty fines and penalties 
  • How to use these new safeguards to GROW your business, rather than hinder it 

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More Details:

Are you a non-banking financial institution, such as a CPA, Financial Advisor, or Car Dealer, operating in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape? Staying informed and compliant with the latest FTC guidelines is paramount to building trust with your clients and safeguarding your reputation. Join our comprehensive webinar tailored specifically to address the unique compliance challenges faced by non-bank financial entities in 2023. 

This webinar is designed for professionals working in non-bank financial institutions, including CPAs, Financial Advisors, Car Dealers, Brokers, Real Estate Salesmen, Travel Agencies, and Payday Lenders. Whether you operate independently or as part of a larger organization, understanding FTC compliance is crucial for maintaining a reputable and compliant financial practice. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the FTC guidelines tailored to your industry. Register now and secure your spot for this informative and actionable webinar! 

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