Why is Network Security Important?

Did you build your company up just to hope you get lucky and don’t lose anything?

Your business runs on important data. Every person you work with or who buys your services/product adds data to your system.

It’s your job to make sure you can be trusted with that data. This is why solid network security is so important. You cannot be an expert in any industry if nobody trusts you can take care of your data and information because of your faulty network security.

Network security design is important so your company can continue to grow without interruptions and establish itself as a trusted industry expert with confidence.

Why is network security important for your business or organization?

Network security is important for your business or organization, and here’s why.

Network security solutions are the prevention of disaster. Having strategies for when disaster strikes are very important to minimize loss but having a network security plan in place before disaster strikes is crucial to protecting your company. Disaster clean-up is not nearly as effective as prevention.

With more business processes being moved online, and more projects completed digitally, network security measures are more important now than ever. The more aspects for organizations that go online, the more complex the security strategy must be.

A quality network security infrastructure keeps your business network safe from data loss, theft, spyware, and cyberattacks. A professional can work with your current infrastructure and be proactive to change any areas that need better protection.

Network security includes:

  • vulnerability analysis
  • securing routers
  • employee training in best security practices
  • installing anti-malware software applications
  • Continuous monitoring of security plans and programs

What are Hackers Targeting?

Cybersecurity is becoming the biggest threat to companies with more processes moving digitally to promote automation. When a company doesn’t understand the risk of external threats, they won’t know that they need protection, or even that they are working with an unprotected network.

Common targets for hackers:

  • customer records
  • business correspondence information
  • information about intellectual property
  • financial information
  • customer credit and debit card information
  • employee records

What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

A cyber breach can set a company back for months. Many small businesses never recover and shut down within six months. When your network is attacked, a hacker will put information into your system that is wrong and guides company technology/processes corruptly.

A hacker can also enter your system and steal your clients’ and customers’ information. They can steal plans or blue prints for new designs and the company no longer has the projects they were working on. This leads to a lot of wasted time for the company, and a devastating loss of reputation.

Most attacks on a company’s network lead to system failure and frequent crashing. The company will experience revenue loss with large amounts of downtime and loss of resources trying to get the system back up and running. If your customers are unable to make purchases, your company looks unreliable.

Common impacts of cyber-attacks:

  • reputation damage
  • loss of customers
  • disruption of business
  • financial loss
  • the cost of restoring your system threat-free

Many companies have information that can never be fully restored after a cyber-attack. Rebuilding after a cyber-attack can take months, putting your business goals on hold.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services help you to create a flexible user experience for your employees. Giving your team access to network technology from anywhere with an internet connection allows for less downtime and time taken off from work. These network devices have potential vulnerabilities when left on an unsecured network. iTernal Networks gets you set up with security software and the key skills needed to keep your cloud safe from potential attackers.

Cloud services also give you a place where the network requirements are flexible for your growing business. With more network traffic due to an increase in physical access to company information, network security staff becomes even more valuable.

Proactive Strategies and Prevention

Once you understand what can happen, what are you going to do about it? At iTernal Networks, we work with a variety of networks to create a well-secured, solid network. This includes password management, security training, and network defenses management.

Working with network specialists will help you to see any weak points in your current network’s security systems so you can correct them with new security solutions. Security training is very important for a company. Employees have a lot of information at their fingertips and they need to understand that responsibility and have the best skills to keep data safe.

When employees can recognize fraudulent emails and have a plan for when they receive them, your network resources won’t be at risk. You can set up the best cyber security program and processes but if your employees are not familiar with the best security processes, they can accidentally release important information leading to a network attack.

Eliminate these vulnerabilities by providing employee technology training with help from network security services. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to get individuals familiar with efficient network security.

A network security specialist gives you a secure environment so you can focus on growing other areas of your business. Network services give you a safe place for operating systems without leaving your company open to loss and threats. Don’t wait for disaster to invest in your company’s future. Contact us today!

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